I meant to post this last week when it was slightly more timely, but blogging sort of got away from me over the holiday weekend. So you’re getting it this week. 🙂

I have adored Derek Hough since I first saw him come in to help Julianne with the fantastic Apolo Ono. So everyone should be pretty impressed that this list isn’t exclusively comprised of his routines. I’m personally very proud of myself and my ability to present my five favorite routines of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars Season 17.

Friday Favorites

5. Bill & Emma’s Argentine Tango to Sexy And I Know It

I love that Emma always tried to work with Bill’s comedic nature, but this more serious routine was definitely his best of the season.


4. Amber & Derek’s Rumba to Turn Back Time

The routine itself starts around 1:25. It’s worth the wait (or skipping ahead). Very worth it. 😉


3. Leah, Tony, and Henry’s Jive to We’re Not Gonna Take It

Loved the concept and the delivery! This week made Leah a real contender for me.


2. Corbin & Karina’s Viennese Waltz to the theme from HBO’s Game of Thrones

It was this routine (surprisingly!) that got me back into watching DWTS after a multi-season hiatus (boycott?) after Bristol Palin was on in 2010.


1. Team Foxing Awesome’s routine to What Does the Fox Say?

Again, the dancing starts around 2:40.  This is seriously one of my favorite routines I’ve ever watched.

DWTS fans, what did I miss? What was your favorite routine of Season 17?