Last week I told you about how I was prepping to enact the KonMari method on my clothes in an effort to purge before I move.

Well, I spent the weekend trying to sort through my belongings to keep online that which “sparks joy.”

What. A. Treat.

For starters, here’s a photo of “every single piece of clothing I own”

TheIMG_3996 photo isn’t great because I decided to use my spare room, which ended up not being enough room. I couldn’t very well sort all my belongings into clearly distinct piles.

For the record, this is, with the exception of the clothes I was wearing, EVERY item of clothing I own just piled up on the floor.

Frankly, it’s overwhelming. So overwhelming.

Why would I need enough clothes to fill a moderately sized bedroom? Oh, that’s right.

I don’t.

AND I don’t wear half of them! I even thought “wow, why haven’t I been wearing this?” as I was going through my closets (yes, plural).

At first, I had a hard time with this activity. How did I know if I really loved something? How did I know if what I was touching brought me joy?

How did I know if I had frequently worn items of clothing because I loved them, or if I wore them all the time because they were convenient?

My friend Mark told me that was “really deep.”

But it definitely got easier as time went on, and by the time I reached my dresses (the clothes I was most dreading sorting), it was actually pretty clear to see dresses I loved and dressed that had “fulfilled their purpose.”

Here’s the pile of sell/donate clothes I ended up with:

IMG_3999That’s THREE hamper sections full plus another pile in front of it. I’m glad I decided to just shove all these piles together and go back through them later. It both reinforced my decisions to get rid of these items, and I think I ended up saving a few things to “sell” that I might not have on the first run. Mostly these are nicer dress clothes that I think I might actually be able to get some money out of.

My “donate” pile still filled six trash bags that I need to take to Goodwill.

IMG_3998And this was my “keep” pile! It still seems like I have a LOT more stuff than I really need, but it’s a lot more manageable.

And, I’m super proud of the fact that I got rid of a few more things as I folded and put away this pile of “keeps.” Everything I own actually fits well in all my storage bins and clothes, and I think my clothes are definitely ready to be easily moved this weekend.

It too me all of Friday night and most of Saturday morning to get through my clothes, and then I finished up by sorting my shoes, bags, and scarves. It was surprisingly easy to sort my scarves (some of my most beloved items): I got rid of almost everything that wasn’t handmade, only keeping a couple of lighter, softer scarves that are great for the fall/spring transitions.

Now I can feel less guilty about the scarves and shawls I’m knitting myself!

I feel like I was really productive this weekend, and the KonMari method definitely helped me get rid of a lot of the excess I have but am not really using or loving.

Now, if I could only get the rest of my house in order for the move. . .