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#4C14: A Tweet Roundup — March 22, 2014

#4C14: A Tweet Roundup

I love conferences. I always end up feeling so invigorated after attending. This was especially so after the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis.

Highlight Your Way to a Better Draft — March 19, 2014

Highlight Your Way to a Better Draft

Sometimes, the weirdest activities are the most helpful.

A couple of days ago, I had my students try one of my favorite ways to understand something I’ve written: color-coding their drafts.

highlighting screen shot
This screenshot shows a color-coded version of one of my earlier blog posts. Green is personal experience; pink is a reference to scholarship; and blue is my own argument and ideas.

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. . .And The Winner Is! — March 16, 2014

. . .And The Winner Is!

Last week, I ran my Spring Break Give Away to celebrate a week off a school.

Turns out, I was celebrating a week of the respiratory flu! Yay!

But, don’t worry. My germs didn’t touch this Barnes & Noble gift card at all. It’s been tucked away safely in my planner, which I would have been avoiding all week, ill or not.

Today, I’ll be brief, just long enough to announce the winner: th3bak3rman!

Please let me know via my contact page where I can send your gift card! 🙂

#McConnelling — March 15, 2014


On Thursday, Jon Stewart encouraged viewers to remix Mitch McConnell’s new campaign ad. If you haven’t seen the segment, you should really check it out (especially if #McConnelling is appearing anywhere online that you happen to looking).

I immediately began to connect this with Jim Rodolfo and Danielle Nicole DeVoss’s concept of rhetorical velocity, a concept I am still working toward understanding in full (I’ve heard it talked about a lot, but typically only in passing). Like Stewart comments, it seems like this video may have been made with repurposing in mind (a key aspect of rhetorical velocity as a strategy for initial composing), and I doubt that much could have increased the speed of that happening the way that Stewart’s #McConnelling campaign has.

I could think of a lot of songs that would fit this video well, but I haven’t had the energy or the spirit to compose a #McConnelling video. Instead, I’ll just enjoy the works that other people have created. And here are some of my favorites from YouTube: Continue reading

Oh, you have a week off? — March 13, 2014
Spring Break Give Away! — March 7, 2014

Spring Break Give Away!

If you’re reading this, I just finished up teaching my last class before Spring Break!

What a semester it’s been so far. Between snow days, technology issues, yada yada yada. . .I am so ready for this week off. And I’ve even managed to keep up with grading so that I get to have a week off.

This is rare. I still have some work to do, but nothing major. Yay!

And to share this excitement, I’ve got a GIVE AWAY for you! Continue reading

Review: Bellman and Black — March 5, 2014

Review: Bellman and Black

Bellman & Black
I won a free copy from Atria Books on Goodreads, so that’s a silver lining here.

I was really, really excited to start Bellman & Black, the second novel by Diane Setterfield. I adored her first book, The Thirteenth Tale.

I had been warned that Bellman & Black was nothing like The Thirteenth Tale. And I wanted to believe that that was okay, that it would be fine, that Setterfield’s academic-y prose and excellent use of suspense would win out.

It didn’t. Continue reading