I will be moving soon, and as I look around my house, I just think, “man, how am I going to get all of this packed up and organized and still do all of my regular work?” It’s kind of embarrassing what a disaster I am. It’s like my life just. . .exploded.

So, I was sitting in a department meeting on Monday, not even thinking about this. A few minutes before it started, something called the KonMari Method appeared in my news feed. Apparently it’s “all the rage.” But I clicked on the link, saw it centers on only keeping what you truly love, and requested a sample of the Kindle book almost immediately.

Then a read it in two days.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing is really a quick read. Author/Organizing Guru Marie Kondo’s writing is very approachable. I think I easily good have read this in one go if I had not been attempting to “multitask.”

Honestly, I was pretty absorbed by this book. The idea of keeping only what I love to create my own personal sanctuary seems like a great idea. And I’ve lately been only buying new items that I love immediately–like as soon as I put it on or as soon as I touch it–so why wouldn’t I start instituting this when it comes to my current belongings?

I am giving myself a few days to prep for what I know is going to be a massive undertaking. It might happen Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday. It might happen Friday right before I move. But I am inspired to really pare down all of my belongings and be surrounded by things I love and use, and not just. . .junk.