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Finding Joy in My Closet — April 13, 2015

Finding Joy in My Closet

Last week I told you about how I was prepping to enact the KonMari method on my clothes in an effort to purge before I move.

Well, I spent the weekend trying to sort through my belongings to keep online that which “sparks joy.”

What. A. Treat.

For starters, here’s a photo of “every single piece of clothing I own”

TheIMG_3996 photo isn’t great because I decided to use my spare room, which ended up not being enough room. I couldn’t very well sort all my belongings into clearly distinct piles.

For the record, this is, with the exception of the clothes I was wearing, EVERY item of clothing I own just piled up on the floor.

Frankly, it’s overwhelming. So overwhelming.

Why would I need enough clothes to fill a moderately sized bedroom? Oh, that’s right.

I don’t. Continue reading

Prepping Myself for the #KonMari Method — April 8, 2015

Prepping Myself for the #KonMari Method

I will be moving soon, and as I look around my house, I just think, “man, how am I going to get all of this packed up and organized and still do all of my regular work?” It’s kind of embarrassing what a disaster I am. It’s like my life just. . .exploded.

So, I was sitting in a department meeting on Monday, not even thinking about this. A few minutes before it started, something called the KonMari Method appeared in my news feed. Apparently it’s “all the rage.” But I clicked on the link, saw it centers on only keeping what you truly love, and requested a sample of the Kindle book almost immediately. Continue reading