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Wonderful Father, Wonderful Day — June 15, 2014

Wonderful Father, Wonderful Day

It doesn’t take a special day of the year for me to remember how lucky I am to have my father. Unlike many people I know, I’m lucky that my father is in my life, but I’m also lucky because he’s a genuinely wonderful, great man.

I have a very special bond with my father. It’s kind of funny because as an infant/toddler, I wanted nothing to do with him. But I grew into a daddy’s girl after my first couple of years of life, and now I have so many exciting, fun, and silly memories with my dad.

Like this: watching a storm roll into Kansas in 2010.

I’ve already written about my love of reading and that connection I share with my dad. But I’ve been realizing lately just how much my dad has shaped my personality. From pushing me to be a self-sufficient, independent person to nurturing my creative side, my father (and my mother, too, I won’t deny) has always been there for me, making me into the driven and spirited woman I am today.

So for today, in honor of Father’s Day, here are some things that I associate with my dad:

“Little Black Back Pack” by Stroke 9.

Do you know this song? Because most people my age don’t really remember it. I’m pretty certain I still know all the words, and that’s because Dad and I heard it twice every week when he drove me to and from dance classes. It seems odd to think that approximately 20 years later, I don’t even listen to the radio in my car (I plug in my ipod or phone), but back then all we had was the radio!

Making Home Videos

My dad used to occupy my brother and I with the most creative stuff! We would sometimes make our own music videos. There’s a great home movie of my brother singing “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” with my dad. We also created our own newscasts. I’d love to dig through my parents’ home video VHS collection (and update it to the digital world!) so I can see and relive those silly moments.

Class Field Trips and other School Events

My dad was the first father to be a room parent at my elementary school. This was a big deal–the newsletters came home asking for “room mothers” and my dad volunteered. My teachers were really excited that he wanted to chaperone our field trips and plan our holiday parties. After first grade, my school finally started asking for “room parent volunteers” instead of limiting it to mothers. Go Dad!


My dad was always great at Halloween. One year, he dressed up as Two-Face. I’m pretty sure my brother was Batman, and I was, less appropriately, the pink Power Ranger. When I was two or three, my entire family dressed up as the Ninja Turtles. As I got older, we stopped making these family outfits, but it was still a great memory/experience for me.


From the fun (snow ball fights, snow angels, and snow men) to the practical (shoveling snow), a fresh snowfall always makes me think of my dad. But when I started driving, the snow brought a new appreciation for my dad, who always left for work before the rest of the family. Whenever I would go out to start my car, the snow and ice was always mostly scraped off. When I started college, I cried reading “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden because it reminded me of the little things my dad has always done for me.

I’m so grateful that I have a loving father who has always helped me and supported me. I could talk more and more about how much he has shaped me, but I think I will save those for another post. 🙂

Today was a great Father’s Day for my family. We made homemade, grilled pizza (yum!), and my mom finally broke out the ice cream maker we bought her for her birthday.

Blackberry ice cream, dark chocolate brownie, whipped cream and almonds. Delish!

I hope you all had as much fun today as I did. What do you love about your dad? What’s your favorite memory or the most interesting way your dad has shaped you?