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Reflections on Project 1, ENG 305 — September 19, 2014

Reflections on Project 1, ENG 305

This fall, I’m fortunate to be teaching one of my favorite classes again: our junior-level composition course. I taught it for the first time last fall (2013) and it was a genuinely excellent growing experience for me. My first time not teaching first-years, my first time having students who were my age or significantly older than me, my first time being able to really craft an overall course and assignment sequence the way I wanted. What freedom!

It went very well last year, so I’ve mostly been reusing the materials and the same schedule. But this year, I made one crucial change based on feedback from students last fall, and I’m not sure how it’s working. It doesn’t seem like much, but I feel like it’s making a significant impact on student learning this semester. Continue reading

Ten Books that Changed My Life — September 17, 2014

Ten Books that Changed My Life

You’ve probably seen these posts circulating on Facebook: a friend posts ten books that were influential to hir*, then tags more people to make their own top ten lists.

I thought I had escaped from this social media meme unscathed, even as people who commonly tag me in these types of things posted their own.

I did not.

A couple of weeks ago, a former professor challenged me to post my list of ten books that influenced me. But I want to do more than just post an overly long status. That’s not very fun.

Seeing as I haven’t posted here in a while, I thought I would make this list of ten books an opportunity to get back into posting on Cooking and Composition.

Yay! You know you’re this excited.

10. On Beauty by Zadie Smith. I don’t love this book. I don’t even like this book. But On Beauty reminded me that I can appreciate the artistic or technical value of something without my liking it. I understand what people applaud this book (and Smith in general). Continue reading