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Finding Joy in My Closet — April 13, 2015

Finding Joy in My Closet

Last week I told you about how I was prepping to enact the KonMari method on my clothes in an effort to purge before I move.

Well, I spent the weekend trying to sort through my belongings to keep online that which “sparks joy.”

What. A. Treat.

For starters, here’s a photo of “every single piece of clothing I own”

TheIMG_3996 photo isn’t great because I decided to use my spare room, which ended up not being enough room. I couldn’t very well sort all my belongings into clearly distinct piles.

For the record, this is, with the exception of the clothes I was wearing, EVERY item of clothing I own just piled up on the floor.

Frankly, it’s overwhelming. So overwhelming.

Why would I need enough clothes to fill a moderately sized bedroom? Oh, that’s right.

I don’t. Continue reading

Prepping Myself for the #KonMari Method — April 8, 2015

Prepping Myself for the #KonMari Method

I will be moving soon, and as I look around my house, I just think, “man, how am I going to get all of this packed up and organized and still do all of my regular work?” It’s kind of embarrassing what a disaster I am. It’s like my life just. . .exploded.

So, I was sitting in a department meeting on Monday, not even thinking about this. A few minutes before it started, something called the KonMari Method appeared in my news feed. Apparently it’s “all the rage.” But I clicked on the link, saw it centers on only keeping what you truly love, and requested a sample of the Kindle book almost immediately. Continue reading

Neither Cooking Nor Composing — March 29, 2015

Neither Cooking Nor Composing

The past couple of months have been weird ones. Teaching has felt really crazy; my partner moved away; stray cats were living in my basement. Sadly, that last one is a totally blog-worthy story that I’ll probably never share.

My life has been fairly preoccupied, until I went to the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Body of water with city in background and palm trees in foreground
View from my room during the conference. I miss the sun and 80 degree weather so much!

I love 4Cs. It’s such an invigorating experience to catch up with colleagues from grad school, listen to inspiring and sometimes surprising panels, and feel like a scholar again. I always leave 4Cs feeling positively great about myself. This was certainly true of 4C15, but I also left with something else on my mind. Continue reading

First Post of 2015 — January 3, 2015

First Post of 2015

Oh look, it’s a new year.

Oh look, Caitlin never updates her blog.

It never fails: It seems like every year I vow to write more, to eat better, to whatever whatever whatever. Every year, I think “This will be the year when I finally. . .”

Not this year. This is not to say that I don’t have goals for 2015. But I am not going to stress myself out over resolutions I do or do not ultimately keep simply because the calendar has rolled over another year.

While I ultimately *do* hope to write more this year, I need to work on a set of writing-related goals and strategies. I was recently reading an article about the sexual practices of happy couples, and the premise was basically “If you wait until you’re in the mood, you’re never going to have sex.” But, can’t you just substitute sex for whatever it is you wait until you’re in the mood for it? Things like:

  • Eating vegetables.
  • Posting on your blog/writing
  • Going to the gym
  • Knitting a blanket

I think so, yes. And I think the idea of planning rather than waiting for spontaneous excitement is probably a good step in accomplishing whatever it is one wants to accomplish. So, in 2015, I suppose my goal is to plan my life better, a goal that applies to a lot of different facets and activities and that should, I hope, lesson the amount of stress and anxiety that occurs on a semi-regular basis when one (like myself) forgets to plan important things or things that would be helpful to hir general well-being.

But the new year is also an opportunity for introspection and reflection (two of my favorite things!). When I look back on 2014, I have to admit, it was a pretty good year: took an awesome vacation to Colorado, got a full-time job with benefits and stuff, and (re)met a pretty awesome guy. I also made some stellar knit items and did quite a bit of cooking, even though my blog doesn’t reflect that. And, of course, I created a lot of great memories with all of my wonderful friends. If 2015 is even half as awesome as 2014, it will be a good year.

I’m off to plan to make plans (that’s how it works, right?) with the goal of also being flexible when things don’t work out exactly as planned.