On Friday, I co-hosted a charming dinner party with The Boyfriend and his roommate. When I lived in Oxford, we always talked about having dinner parties but never really got around to it. Now that I’m living at home again, I don’t really do much cooking. I was super excited to cook for a crowd. In reality, The Fiction Guy (The Boyfriend’s roommate) did the most intensive work on this meal.

On Thursday, we decided to make basil lime chicken, a great dish from Goodeness Gracious that I found on Pinterest. On Friday, The Boyfriend and The Fiction Guy did some shopping and started on the first marinade so dinner would be ready at a reasonable hour. Trying to explain what the zest of a lime was over text message is not the easiest thing I have ever done.

With the boys in charge of the main course, I was able to focus on making a delicious dessert. I’ve been wanting to bake a pie for a long time, but I always seem to talk myself out of it. I also talk myself out of making cheesecake, mainly because the concept of a springform pan and a water bath is fairly intimidating to me. So when I found Kitchen Meets Girl’s recipe for a blueberry cheesecake galette, I knew pretty immediately I needed to make it. That was probably about two months ago, though, and Friday was the time I finally got around to making it (side note: apparently this recipe wasn’t even posted until September 1, so I guess it didn’t take me that long to actually make it. Time is sure flying lately).

Having never been a huge fan of blueberries (they are almost always too tart for me), I decided instead to make a raspberry cheesecake galette. Let me say, this was easily one of the easiest desserts I have made, even if it seemed a little complicated for me. I mainly dislike when I have steps that just require waiting or letting things sit for a specific amount of time. I also never seem to have the room in the refrigerator to chill whatever it is. Luckily, things worked out this time, even if I had to take a second trip to Kroger in the rain just to buy cornstarch.


The Fiction Guy’s take on Basil Lime Chicken, ready to be served with some veggie pasta.


And one delicious Raspberry Cheesecake Galette!

I think we will definitely be making these recipes again!