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Announcing My New Hobby Job — January 7, 2015

Announcing My New Hobby Job


About two months ago, I fell absolutely in love with Jamberry Nails. A former teacher-turned-friend had started selling them to make some extra cash, and she got me hooked!

Gobble Me Up! This is one of my fave Jamicures!
Gobble Me Up! This is one of my fave Jamicures!

I love having my nails painted. If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you’ve probably seen my obnoxious mani updates. Over the summer, I was really big into the gel mani — no chipping, no breakage, no dry time. But the thing I hated about it was how long it took to apply or remove! Two hours in the nail salon getting my nails done (or two hours doing it myself at home) is not really my cup of tea. Plus, I found myself accidentally gouging little chunks of my nails off when I tried to remove the gel polish. Continue reading