Is it really summer already? I know I’ve been “done” with teaching for a couple of weeks, but it doesn’t quite feel like a “vacation” yet.

I’ve been mostly quiet on the blog sphere. The end of the semester always exhausts me. Between the marathon grading (and it was, up to the last minute almost this semester) and dealing with students complaining about their final grades, I’ve been thankful to have a couple of weeks where completely vegging out was possible.

I haven’t kept up with my e-mail.

I haven’t read any other blogs.

I haven’t even been inspired to blog.

Today, I was hit with a panic that I had forgotten to submit my 4C14 proposal. But, I did just turn it in (thanks to a friend’s reminder of Facebook!) and it’s all out of my hands now.

This is an attitude I’ve been taking more frequently, and while I sometimes like it, I’m not sure it’s working out for me. I know I’m a bit neurotic, and trying to worry less is really tough on me. I worry about worrying too much.

Right now, I have three things to fret over: moving to a new place (yay!), a job application (wooo!), and my 4C15 proposal (ugh). I mean, I feel pretty confident in my project, but I know it could probably going either way. Either people will love the idea or they won’t because rubrics are polarizing, especially in composition studies, and I’m totally fine with that. The conference is over my spring break, so I will get myself to Tampa regardless. But it would be nice to get put into a panel (go individual presentation proposals!) and meet some new people who are interested in similar topics as I.

My parents helped me clean up the house I’m renting today, and hopefully I’ll be moving stuff in over the next couple of weeks. Everything gets switched into my name tomorrow, and I’m glad because I don’t want to do much more work there without the water turned on. It’s just not fun to test how long one can go without being able to use the restroom. My final decision to make is really about cable/internet and my brain is currently too tired to think hard on whether or not it’s worth the extra however much for HBO and BBCAmerica. I’ll think more about this tomorrow.

This move also means I’ll be doing more cooking and posting more food-related blogs. Yay! It’s about time. And I’m excited because I’ll have a gas stove, and I really love cooking on them. It just makes such a big difference in how a recipe comes out because you have so much more control over how long your food stays on the heat (and at what heat level it stays there).

Trying hard not to worry about job apps, but is there anything else to do? It’s out of my hands. I’m confident my application showcases how and why I’m a good fit for the program and the ways I’ve grown as an instructor in the past year working with a diverse body of learners, particularly those who are older than I and those who are academically underprepared for college-level writing.

Now, I need to start thinking of summer plans beyond “cooking all the things” in my kitchen. Anyone out there planning anything exciting for the summer?