Do you ever just have those days when you realize you are almost done, almost finishing another milestone?

Today, I realized that the semester is almost over. My first full semester of not being a student, not taking classes, not doing homework.

I still do plenty of work at home, however.

The state of my office desk is really what did me in. Check it out:

imageLike, seriously. How am I supposed to work here? Almost every flat surface is covered, except for where I need to be able to move my mouse.

I took this at 9-ish this morning, and thankfully that stack of folders has been graded and is now waiting patiently to be returned tomorrow.

Of course, that stack of 12 papers has been replaced with 46 brand-spanking-new ones.

So. Much. Grading.

With the nearing of the end of the semester, the end of the calendar year is also coming! I can hardly believe we are less than a month from 2014. It just doesn’t seem possible. Wasn’t it just 2012?

No? It certainly seems like it to me.

To help commemorate the end of the semester (and year!) and some changes to Cooking and Composition (did you notice the sharp new layout? What do you think?) I was thinking of hosting some sort of give away.

But I don’t know what to give away.


Tell me in the comments! What could I give away that would make you enter?