LOOK AT THIS YOU GUYS! I basically spent all day today working on my novel, and it is still far, far from done. But that still doesn’t negative the fact that I wrote over 50,000 words this month.

I’d like to give a big shout out to my favorite coffee shop, Java Haute. I spent close to five hours there today while writing the last 6,351 words to meet my word count. It was a great time and I enjoyed my favorite sandwich (with eggs and feta cheese!), tea, and my staple, the Turtle Mocha. So thanks a bunch, Java Haute. You rock!

Even though I’m kinda basking in winnerdom, it was not without it’s frustration. Not all word counters are created equal.

I decided to validate with 50,005 words. What a nice palindrome! I almost just called it a nice, even number. But it is not, in fact, an even number. It is, though, a palindrome and those are awesome.

But when I exported the scrambled version to MS Word, my word count was at 49,798.


But I wrote wrote a few hundred more and called it a day. My final word count varies depending on which counter I look at:

  • Scrivener (where I wrote it): 50,737
  • MS Word: 50, 529
  • NaNo Validated Work Count: 50, 463

I suppose it doesn’t matter because all three of them are over the 50,000 words. But it is a little strange that there is about 300 words of variation between different programs.

Anyway, I know that I need to keep working on this book, but I’m very excited to say that I officially have “won,” and I don’t have to worry about writing over the next few days of my break. Instead, I will be focusing on grading papers.

Other WriMos, how are you doing?