I think I was the most excited about trying the honeycomb crunch in my Graze Box because CHOCOLATE.

I seriously cannot get enough chocolate; Graze only sends it seasonally, so I am pretty glad I joined at a time when they are shipping chocolate products. It is the only reason I am excited about the weather changing and cooling off.

UntitledHere it is, looking so delicious! The mix has milk-chocolate coated honeycomb pieces, almonds, and raisins. Even though I have never had honeycomb (until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t even know it was edible!), I knew as soon as I opened my box that I was going to love this snack.

It definitely did not disappoint.

There’s not much to say about the almonds and the raisins. I like both of these on their own.

But, oh, chocolate coated honeycomb.

I can say that I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But the honeycomb had a nice crunch with a sweet punch to it. It was reminiscent of honey but it wasn’t such a strong flavor.

The texture of the honeycomb also paired really well with the almonds and the raisins. There was just enough crunch, but the chocolate coating on the honeycombs helped soften it so that the raisins didn’t feel out of place. (In case you are wondering: yes, I have weird texture issues when it comes to my food.)

Verdict: A+ I love love loved this, and I really hope it comes again soon!

Honeycomb Crunch