Friday Favorites

For the first time in a long time, I have been watching television shows when they air. This is pretty strange for me, mostly because some of my most favorite shows are older. I grew up falling asleep to Nick at Night, then I switched to TV Network and now I spend most of my time watching old shows on Netflix. Even though I like a lot of the new shows I’m watching now like Back in the GameBrooklyn 99, and The Crazy Ones, I will always, always default back to my classic shows:

5. Dharma and Greg

I always had such a great time watching Dharma and Greg, either when it was on with my parents or when I manage to catch it on reruns.

4. Full House

Even though I was, like, three when I watched Full House (and I wasn’t even born when it started!), Uncle Jesse was my first celebrity crush. I still love me some John Stamos, even if he’s now in Greek yogurt ads.

3. Seinfeld

A lot of people have strong feelings about Seinfeld, but I think it is perfect. I especially like to quote it, like when Kramer gets an acting gig and is constantly rehearsing the line “These pretzels are makin’ me thirsty!” It makes me sad when people don’t get it.

2. Home Improvement

I have been watching Last Man Standing, and, I’ll tell you, it’s basically Home Improvement but with all girls and a different profession–although sporting goods and handyman seem fairly related to me. But it is missing a lot of the Home Improvement charm and humor, like when the snake homes out of the wall or when Tim sings “She’s droolin’, she’s droolin’, she’s droolin’ down the river” on Tool Time and ends up in serious trouble.

1. Cheers

There are very few things that make me happier than watching Sam Malone. Sometimes I watch episodes of Cheers with The Boyfriend, and I’m always saying “This is my favorite one!” or “I love this episode!” I am so, so sad whenever Coach passes on, but I love Woody. Woody is, honestly, one of my favorite characters on TV ever. EVER.

What retired shows do you like best?