We are over halfway through our semester, and I can tell that all of my students (and I!) are totally ready for a break.

I’m so happy to get a full week off at Thanksgiving, but this week is reminding me why we need time off! I am about as scatterbrained as I can get.

For example, on Tuesday I misspelled the word “should” on the chalkboard. Yesterday, I labeled question of the day “homework” and today I wrote “Have a good evening?” in a set of instructions for my afternoon class.

As I chugging along at grading papers I know my students are antsy to get back, it’s easy to feel a sense of anxiety. There are times when I feel like I am going to be buried under a pile of paperwork and suffocate.

Either that, or freeze to death in my office.

It’s days like these when it really helps to hear my students enjoying class, to see them working hard, and to know that they like being in my classroom, even if they don’t really like writing.

There have been lots of little things over the semester to reassure me that students are getting something from my classes, but the nicest thing is to hear them talking about registering for one of my spring courses. I know it’s silly, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something right.