Is there anything better than a successful day of writing? How about when that writing actually feels like it’s pulling the plot together and doing something more than being word vomit all over the screen?

This is kind of how I am feeling. Last night, my BFF Lovie (who is now blogging about writing and copyediting and her other loves over at Copyedit ‘Til I Die) and I had a great night of NaNo work. It was much needed because neither of us have been feeling it most of this week. But we did it!

After spending part of the afternoon hanging out and doing real work (read: me grading annotated bibliographies), we hodge-podged together a delicious recipe after decided to make baked macaroni and cheese. I refused to use Velveeta, decided I really wanted goat cheese, and it worked out well! I will share the recipe later, but here is a picture to keep you enticed.

NaNo Sprint Night!
Look at all of this deliciousness.

With dinner a success, we set about to writing. Lovie didn’t get to write on Tuesday, so she wanted to make it about 3,000 words. Both of us had a slow start that consisted of too much time on Facebook and chatting and cackling with our friend Miller, who lives in Delaware and is in the process of starting a nationwide hipster game through this kickstarter. Even if you don’t care about hipsters, it’s worth watching the cool, talkie-esque video that accompanies it.

Then, we GOT TO IT. This is what it looks like when we write:

NaNo Sprint Night!NaNo Sprint Night!

I promise, neither of us are sleeping in these photos.

We also made deeeeeeeelish papaya and passionfruit black tea. And drank out of classy tea glasses.

And here we are! A successful night of noveling, leaving me with 20,883 words and almost halfway to winning NaNoWriMo. Yeah. It feels good.