Today was a rough writing day. I even did a lot of grading and work at school this morning/afternoon so that I would be able to devote the evening to working on my novel.

Instead, I devoted the last half-hour to my novel, thanks to sprinting with my BFF.

It was not that I didn’t want to write. I have just had a rough day and been really unable to focus. I managed to write maybe 300 words before 10 pm. Then I came to my room to do more work and promptly broke a glass. And then I cried.

I proceeded to tell my best friend that I didn’t feel like writing anymore tonight, but that I thought I would just give up overall on NaNo if I didn’t force myself to make it at least to 1667 words tonight–the recommended daily word goal to finish 50,000 words in 30 days. Like a good friend who also needs to buckle down and do her own writing, she suggested we do a sprint–where you focus only on writing and getting the words out for ten minutes. We ended up sprinting for 30 minutes, and both of us managed to exceed the daily minimum.

Today is the worst day I’ve writing I’ve done so far (with 1831 words) but at least I am sticking with it.