One of the first things I learned how to cook is also one of my favorite things to eat: Homemade Noodles.


As far as noodle-making is concerned, this is actually a pretty easy recipe. It’s easy to remember and doesn’t involve a lot of steps. But it can be time consuming if you are making a lot (like my family always does) or if you go with the good-ole “hand roll and cut” method, which we also do because we don’t own any of that fancy noodle-rolling machinery.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup of flour
  • Dash of milk

This will make one “batch,” which should easily serve two people. My family likes left overs, so we usually make three or four batches at once.

Sometimes we mix by hand, but yesterday we decided to break out my mom’s combo blender/mixer that she got as a wedding gift in the 80s. I actually had never used it before, and it was a lot of fun, if a bit old school!


1. Measure your flour and put into a large bowl for mixing.

Untitled2. Lightly beat your eggs in a separate bowl.


3. Put half of the egg mixture in with the flour and begin combining. As it starts to form a dough, add the remainder of the eggs.

4. Just keep mixing!

As the the dough starts to form, you may need add a little bit of milk to help the flour incorporate. This can also help with stickiness.

5. When the dough is well-mixed, cover and let sit for about an hour.

6. Roll out your dough and cut into noodles. You can also make drop noodles, which are slightly more like dumplins, by pinching off bits of dough and dropping it into the water.


7. And cook them up in a pot of boiling water and/or stock. This usually takes us about half an hour to cook them fully.


8. Enjoy your meal!