Friday Favorites

I really, really, really love the Sims. I am a proud owner of all three versions and almost every expansion pack released. I am looking forward to the fourth installment of the game but I’m worried my computer (which I bought simply to play The Sims 3) won’t be able to handle it. One of the reasons I love The Sims series so much are the funny pop culture references and geeky jokes. I was pretty excited to see that my Sims could read Game of Thorns, for example. Let’s just say I’m easily amused.

I especially love seeing all of the NPC and Townie names, though. They really, truly crack me up. So this week’s Friday Favorites will feature my favorite NPC/Townie names from The Sims 3.

5. Mothball Lionheart

Mothball isn’t quite as funny as some of the other names on this list, simply because he is a cat. It’s still a name that cracks me up, though. Mothball has reproduced with Pickles Lionheart, and they all live with their “owner,” Hetty, who is really a cat lady. I have come up with some amusing pet names before, but Mothball is not something I would have thought of on my own.

4. Flat Broke

Flat is only one of the many punny names you will find in The Sims 3. His family members, too, have amusing names. Flo Broke is my second favorite.

3. Anne T. Septik

I really did laugh out loud when my maid walked in one day and her name was Anne T. Septik. I really wanted one of my male Sims to fall in love with her, but it didn’t happen. This is definitely a great name for a maid, though.

Gobias Koffi on The Sims 3
One of my Sims tries to impress Gobias Koffi.

2. Gobias Koffi

I always thought this name was funny, but it is even funnier now that I have seen Arrested Development. And yes, Gobias is a Never Nude.

1. Mugsy Brotoaski

Mugsy is the perfect bro name. This university character is full of WIN.