It’s hard to believe, but just a week ago I completed the last major requirement of my master’s degree: my thesis defense. I fully intended to update a bit more through the month of June (if only for sanity’s sake!) but I guess that didn’t actually happen. It’s okay, though, because I survived!

Now I have some final edits to make before I turn it into to the Graduate School and my August graduation is “official,” but I’ve enjoyed taking a bit of time away from it and just kind of stewing in the fact that it’s done and over with. If this makes the defense sound awful, that’s only partly representative.The defense itself was great! I really enjoyed sitting down with the professors on my committee and talking about the work I’ve been doing and the work I would still like to do in the future. It was the few days leading up to the defense that weren’t very fun. It was, unfortunately, mostly because I am horrible at de-stressing, especially when I am really, really nervous about something. I have a habit of imagining things way worse than they could ever be, so that when whatever it is eventually rolls around, I can cheerfully say “It wasn’t that bad!” Defending my thesis was really no different, but it did take a while for it to really set in that I had accomplished the goal and didn’t need to be stressed out anymore. Hearing my committee’s congratulatory remarks was strangely anti-climactic while still being fulfilling.

So what now? I am in post-graduate-school limbo, waiting to hear back about job applications and praying every day to be blessed with a full-time position rather than working part-time next year. Other than that, though, I’m finding a lot of ways to wind down: I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is extremely addicting. I’ve also gotten back into playing The Sims, but that is a huge time commitment, if only because my computer takes forever to start up and load the game.

And, a few days ago, I finally got around to deciding what fun book I wanted to read first. I have been devouring Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale. I can’t quite explain everything that is so intriguing about the book, but it’s so, so good! I’m about halfway through already (even though I just started it a couple of days ago) and I’m sure I will post again after I’ve finished reading it.